Psychic Build Guide

If you are not prepared to get to at least 60+, the Psychic is not for you. Save the hassle, play something else like a BM or WB.

The Psychic is a class of many debuffs and high hitting spells sort of like a Wizard.

In this guide I use several Acronyms that may not be known to new characters, here they are

PvE- Player versus Environment (Monsters)
PvP- Player versus Player
EA- Elf Archer
BM- Blade Master
WB- Were Beast otherwise known as Barbarian.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: High damage Nukes can easily take out most monsters without them reaching you. Not much of a need of HP potions or charms due to having not being hit most of the time. Great for early PvE. From my experience I have been wanted in parties for Vengeance and Silence. (other people tell me Psychics are not wanted in party, although I do not believe this is true) Also I have been wanted by some of my friends in PvP parties for my AoE debuffs and bleeds.

Cons: Very low survivability and HP at low and mid levels. But can be fixed with stones. Low HP regeneration. Consumes MP Potions at a fast and large amount. Will run out of MP after a couple of monsters. Shard with Garnets to increase Pdef for boss AoE's, Citrines for HP. (Although HP is cheaper to get by refining.) Also Learn Apothecary to make Renewal Orbs and other items for recovering HP and MP.


Pure INT: This the most common build which goes like 1 STR and 9 MAG every 2 levels. 5 MAG every odd level and 4MAG 1 STR every even level. You would use arcane robes for this build. You will hit high damage but have lowered survivability. This can be fixed with HP stones. This build also uses a physical belt and/ or necklace to make up for lost defense. The main point with this build is the ability to kick total butt and kill most of your mobs before they have a chance to get to you.

Light Armour: A lot more survivability then the Pure INT build but at a cost of reduced magic attack and magic defense. another plus of this build is there is extra Critical Rate from the DEX required to wear light armour. Will give more survivability at early levels. This build also helps with TW and PvP from the added physical defense.

VIT Build: This build will give your Psychic a little extra HP and physical defense, but I don't recommend it because the lack of HP can be made up with stones. You would use arcane robes for this build and socket them with HP stones. Note: I have run into a couple of these builds. Mostly they take longer to kill stuff and loose most of the extra Hp they gained from VIT. Sure you gain Hp, but your damage and magic defense is going to really suck.

Heavy Build: This build has high survivability but I don't recommend it to anyone because I have seen no one become successful with this build. Basically not much Vit, oh and you can't DD. You're a walking meat shield and that's about it.

Melee Build: Who suggested this to me?

PvE Guide:

1-30: Most of these levels will fly by with quests.

30-39: More quests and the repeatable quest Crazy Stone, a quest that gives good exp, some spirit, this you should do every day.

40-59: Lots and lots of grinding, you will have to get used to it. Try flying monsters and water monsters because they give 1.5 X exp.

60-90+: I have not gotten to this point so I don't have anything on this.

PvP Guide:

1-30: You can't PvP at this level, only duel.

31-59: I don't recommend it but you can try, I suggest you stick to leveling up.


This implied that you always have Soul of Stunning, Soul of Retaliation, and Soulburn on your enemy to make the kill faster.

Physical Classes:

Blade Master: This class has low magic defense so all you need is to get Diminished Vigor to stop their charm and potions and nuke away. They might activate Magic Marrow which increases M. Def but it won't be a big problem.

Barbarian: Generally the same as a BM but with a big chunk more of HP just Diminished Vigor and nuke away.

Archer: This is the ranged psychical class, which will be a little more problematic because they can be farther than your spell range with Winged Blessing. Just Diminshed Vigor again and nuke away. The Soul of Stunning will stop them from releasing all of there instant cast skills.

Assassin: I have not found a way to fight these. Though their tactics is to hide make you bleed and hide again. You could try your luck and right away do an AoE, which does bring out an Assassin from the hiding status.

Magical Classes:

Wizard: The question of eternity. This is a hard hitting class with medium channel time. You should Diminished Vigor like you do on all classes, Disturbed Soul to slow their casts even more and hope they don't critical hit you.

Cleric: Easy. Just Diminshed Vigor, Disturb Soul for their instant heals and nuke away.

Psychics: It will be pretty evenly matched. Both of you will be stunned back and forth, so I suggest Diminished Vigor, Disturb Soul to slow them down at nuke away. this is probably the tactic another Psychic would have.

Venomancer: This is a hard topic because of the amazing versatility of Venomancers. Going to edit this later.


Here's my little skill guide for the psychic class. Here I will give my opinion on which skills are worth levelling and which are practically useless (not counting in demon/sage versions, as these are unknown as of now.). Most of these advices are based on my impression of these skills, my psychic isn't that high level yet so I haven't used or seen most of these skills myself. I didn't include some skills simply because I don't have enough information about them.

1.Attack skills
2.Buff skills
3.Debuff skills
4.Misc. skills

With each skill I put my own advice of how you should level this skill, but to make it a bit easier to see I also put stars next to the skill names:
no star = don't get it at all

▲ = only get level 1 for the purpose of moving on in the skill tree
★= only get level 1 of this skill because levelling it doesn't do anything.
★★ = worth levelling if you have SP to spare.
★★★= very important, always keep this up to your level

☆ = Important for duel/PK/TW purposes (can be in combination with the above)

I will update it as I get more info of course


1.Attack skills

Lvl. 1:

★★★aqua impact & spirit blast
these 2 skills are the main skills used in grinding by a psychic. Spirit blast has better damage and aqua impact has (a relatively low) chance of slowing an opponent.
-Always keep these up to your level.

Lvl. 19:

You could compare this with ''crown of flames'' for wizards. A damage over time skill really doesn't benefit psychics much because most mobs don't last those 15 seconds during which this skill deals damage.
-Keep it at lvl.1

An important nuke right next to aqua impact & spirit blast. The knockback on this skill really works well on physical mobs, aswell as cancelling the channeling on magical mobs.
-Keep it up to your level.

Lvl. 29:

★★Aqua cannon
To be blunt, this skill is pretty bad at lower levels. It's a close range AoE with a high equipment bonus (110% a lv1). It might have it's uses in group AoE.
-Leave it at lv.1 until at least lv70.

Sand trap
See torrent.

Lvl. 39:

★★★Glacial shards
A great AoE due to the fact that it has a chance to immobilize enemies. It also has quite nice damage.
-Worth levelling, should take priority after you've maxed both aqua impact and spirit blast.

★★★ ☆Sandburst blast
A nice AoE with slightly better damage than glacial shards. It has a chance to reduce enemy accuracy which won't benefit you much since you want to stay as far away from mobs as possible.
It would be very useful in group AoE where a BM or barb is taking the hits. It's short casting time and high damage would probably make this an important nuke in PvP
-Same as glacial shards, or keep it up to your level if you like to PvP.

Lvl. 49:


Lvl. 59:

[?]Red tide

[?]Earth vector

2.buff skills

Lvl. 9:

★★★ ☆Black voodoo
Your main buff used in grinding. Increases your damage by 22% but also increases the damage you take by 11% (assuming your base attack and defense levels are 0). In PvE you shouldn't get hit too much so the loss of defense shouldnt be too bad.
-Keep it up to your level.

★★White voodoo
Not a very practical buff, useful if youre in a tight situation though. Reduces the damage you deal by 99% and also reduces damage you take by 66% at max level.
-It might be wise not to level this skill all the way to lv10, since your damage will be absolutely horrible. It's quite useful for soloing certain bosses if you keep it at about lv3 to 5.

Soul of vengeance
A great buff.. for a tanker. A psychic doesn't (or at least.. shouldn't) take that many hits in grinding. Always cast this buff on the tanker in your squad.
-It's certainly worth getting, but leveling does absolutely NOTHING except increase the casting range. Keep it at lv1.
Note: This will use up some of the mana of the tanker, and some do not like being buffed. It is always polite to ask before buffing.

Lvl. 29:

★ ☆Soul of stunning
Aside from the fact that it's a very pretty buff, it's usefulness depends on your soulpower.
Like Soul of vengeance, leveling this skill does nothing. (it's a self buff so you dont get any extra range either..)
-Keep it at lvl. 1
Note: This will use up some of the mana of the tanker, and some do not like being buffed. It is always polite to ask before buffing.

Lvl. 39:

Soul of silence
Has a low chance to cast a pretty long silence effect on the attacker. Shares a cooldown with Soul of vengeance. I'd use Soul of vengeance over this, since it doesn't rely on luck to activate.
-Levelling doesnt do anything so keep it at lv1.

Lvl. 44

★★★ ☆Empowered vigor
Great in all aspects: Cast it on the tank so clerics heal more, cast it on yourself while grinding so pots heal more (it would be rather MP-inefficient, though.), cast it on yourself in PK so your charm has a lower cooldown.
-Keep it maxed.

Lvl. 59:

☆?Tide spirit
A rather short buff and costs 2 sparks, don't know much about this one yet.
Really depends on if a double spark eruption is better than this.

★★★ ☆Psychic will
Despite the skill description this is a self-cast buff.
Purifies and immunizes you against physical damage for 5 seconds at lv1, and 8 seconds at lv10.
This would make grinding on poison mobs much easier, and it could just save you if you managed to pull aggro.
-At least get lv. 1 on this, if maxing it is worth those 3 extra seconds is up to you.

3.Debuff skills
Lvl. 34:

★★ ☆Diminished vigor
Very useful in PK, the only downside is that it shares a cooldown with empowered vigor.
So you have to choose: Reduce the healing ability of your enemy, or increase those of your own (or an ally).
-In PvE this skill is pretty useless, leave it at lv. 1
-In PvP it has it's uses, max it if you like to PK.

Lvl. 49:

★★ ☆Disturb soul
Increases channeling time by 53% at lv1, and 80% at lv10.
Say a wizard casts Gush, which has a channeling time of 1.0 seconds. After this skill it would take 1.8 seconds, pretty deadly in PvP.
Also very useful against magic bosses.
-Max it.
Note: I haven't tested this yet, but there is the possibility for it to throw off the timing on the AoE casting of bosses. i.e. Pole and Nob. If it does significantly change the timing of the AoE cast it will make it more difficult for your barb to cancel the AoE's, thus putting the safety of the squad in jeopardy.

4.Misc. Skills

Lvl. 9:

Tide form
Utter crap. You can only use normal attack in this form.
Maybe in an underwater dungeon this skill would give you:
+10 def level from tideform
+66 def level from white voodoo
+10 def level from dominance blessing
= defense level 86
Pretty nice, but I wouldn't level it. And I'd rather fly for transportation.
-Get level 1 for the fun of it, or don't get it at all.
Note: it is rumored that in CN version and in beta skills worked in this form. If they fix that, this will be nice. Until then, it is a TOTAL waste of spirit. Use White Voodoo for extra def.

Lvl. 24:

★★Life bubble
An AoE version of the cleric's main heal, ''ironheart blessing''. It only has a much longer cooldown and it's range is very short.
-Worth levelling, but only if you have SP to spare.
Note: This skill does NOT make you a cleric. It is helpful, but with a 30-second cooldown, it's not something you can count on.

Lvl. 29:

★★★ ☆Passives
Increase your damage.
-I'd advise to wait until the late 40's with levelling these since theyre quite costly in both money and spirit. Since earth skills deal more damage than water skills, you would get the most extra damage from levelling earthen spirit. So if you don't have enough money/spirit to upgrade both at some point, upgrade earthen spirit.


There are many combos that make game play easier, here are some of them.


-Black Voodoo
-Alternate between Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast, in case the monster is a faster moving one.
-Continue alternating with nukes until the monster dies.

-Black Voodoo
-Alternate between Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast
-Landslide if monster gets close they.

-Black voodoo
-Glacial shards with good chance to paralyze
-Finish with Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast if still alive.


-Soul of Stun
-Bubble of Life if low on health
-Alternate between Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast

-Soul of Stun
-Soul Burn
-Alternate between Aqua Impact and Spirit Blast
-If too close Torrent and Sandblast
-If low on HP and your potion/charm is on cooldown, Bubble of Life.