Rewards For Unlocking Each Map



The reward for unlocking each map is a Grade 12 belt of your choice: a Protection belt, or an Ethereal Belt. Both belts offer the same base physical and elemental defense values, and bonus add ons. The only difference is that the protection belt will offer an increased in physical defense only when refined, and the ethereal belt will offer an increased in elemental defense only when refined. The base numerical value of the defenses and the 3 add on bonus of the belts (usually +hp, +vit, +phys resistance) do get better after unlocking each map.


Travel back in time to one of the past maps (if you haven't done so) to accept a reward quest from the NPC teleporter of that map to obtain your reward. Choose wisely as you can only obtain one. This reward quest should also be listed under your quest log search if available. Since there is no 5th map to unlock, you will have to continue with a quest chain to obtain the 4th and final belt.


Continuing the Chrono quests after you had unlock all four maps; a NPC in OMD wil ask if you want to save Princess of Moonlight or kill her. I recommend you choose to save her to simplify the last few quests of the Chrono chain for you. You will be asked again this question when you visit the Old Twilight Temple from the past so read all the text carefully. After that, talk to 5 NPC lanterns in their numerical order in that hidden room of Old Twilight Temple to kill a boss. This quest requires a full squad of lvl 90+ and the boss has over 6 mil hp. You can then receive your belt from the Sage of Prophecy in OHT after this quest. If you choose to kill the princess, you will have to summon and kill some other secret boss in Happy Valley (RB Delta) and some other steps which I have no knowledge of. Good Luck!

Originally Posted by Darksylph - Heavens Tear
A Note on this note. The kill the Lantern Quest is a seperate chain that leads to killing 7 daily other bosses (similar to WBs in strength i think). Thats not required for the Gold Belt after Moonshade.

A quick summary is; NPC visits in OMD > Kill 10 Strength Nimbustian & 1 Strength Nimbustian Captain in OMD > More NPC visits in OMD > travel to Old Twilight Temple (via NPC in entry hall of regular TT) > Choose;
-------- (a) save the princess to fight summon boss in Old Twilight Temple
-------- (b) kill the princess to fight a summon boss in Happy Valley of Rebirth Delta
> Visit Sage of Prophecy in OHT to choose Gold Belt of choice.

Hope this clears up the final steps to the gold belt.


Refine Level:  1 |  2 |  3  |  4  | 5 ...

+ Phys. Def:  33 | 66 | 100 | 141 | 189...

+ Elmt. Def:  27 | 54 | 82  | 116 | 154...

LVL 80 Belt reward choices (From NPC teleporter in OHT):
☆☆☆Sundown Pendant (Protection)
☆☆☆Nightfall Pendant (Ethereal)
Physical Defense: 100
Elemental Defense: 100
Phys. Res.: +72
HP: +90
Vitality +1~2

LVL 90 Belt reward choices (From NPC teleporter in OUF):
☆☆☆Frostcore Pendant (Protection)
☆☆☆Vibrating Starlight (Ethereal)
Physical Defense: 125
Elemental Defense: 125
Phys. Res.: +81
HP: +105
Vitality +3~4

LVL 95 Belt reward choices (From NPC teleporter in OVS):
☆☆☆Requiem of Hell (Protection)
☆☆☆Jade of Heaven (Ethereal)
Physical Defense: 160
Elemental Defense: 160
Phys. Res.: +91
HP: +120
Vitality +5~6

LVL 95 Belt reward choices (From Sage of Prophecy in OHT):
☆Guard of Thundershock (Protection)
☆Paradise Sachet (Ethereal)
Physical Defense: 200
Elemental Defense: 200
Phys. Res.: +109
HP: +150
Vitality +7~8

- Access to popular AoE grinding spots
- Access to more Daily Quests that offers exp, spirit and OHT mats upon completion.
To gain access to these quests, you have to continue with the Chrono Plot. Any quests not pertaining to the Chrono Plot has no relevance to unlocking these daily quests. Such as the cycle quests that rewards you wraith spirits/eyes/bones, and side quests not covered in this guide. Obtaining your next map and talking to a few NPCs will unlock the daily quest of your previous map. Example: unlocking map 2 OUF and initiating quests to unlock the 3rd map will gain you access to the OHT daily of the 1st map. For the daily quest in MSD 4th map, you have to proceed with the quests to obtain your final belt.
- Access to quests that offers you the chance to obtain endgame gears by trading in Wraith Spirits/Eyes/Bones (Untradeable items obtained as quest rewards and drops from certain mobs - not applicable to OHT map)
- Unlocking all 4 of these maps is one of the prerequisites for you to completing your level 100 spiritiual cultivation. You will receive quests to do in those past maps. Having reached your final cultivation level (as it stands currently in this game at lvl 100), you will obtain your level 100 fairy appearance, and will be able to learn your lvl 100 skills (the ones that requires 20 Chrono Pages each).

Go to these links for more info on those quests in each map:
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