The "Ultimate Weapon" Guide

The "Ultimate Weapons" available from the Warsoul Spirit (Center of Arch) will be a rare sight on any perfect world server. Out of curiosity I have crunched the numbers (as geeks like me tend to do). All Ultimate Weapons require the same 7 mats. These mats are:

100 Warsoul:Ksitigarbha
100 Warsoul:Vajra
100 Warsoul:Samantabhadra
100 Warsoul:Manjusri
100 Warsoul:Arkarsja
100 Warsoul:Jakra
100 Warsoul:Avalokites

Each of the Ult Wep mats can be crafted from a fragment of the same name (ie. 1 Warsoul:Ksitigarbha from 1 Warsoul:Ksitigarbha Framents). It is unclear what if any the manufacturing fee will be for mats to fragments or fragments to final mats. If someone knows about a fee plz post here so I can update this information.

Creating a Warsoul wep is a 3 step process. First combine mats into fragments, then combine fragments into final mats, and lastly manufacture wep from these final ingredients. Additionally, each of the weps requires 1 mold also manufactured from 1 of each final mat listed above (thus 100 mats not 99). Again, I do not know if there is a manufacturing fee for the mold.

There are multiple mats that can be used to create many of these fragment. You can find a detailed list of these mats in the Warsoul Material Guide. Remember you will need 100 of each fragment to create a Warsoul wep.

The Mysterious Chips Option:
Good news: You can manufacture all the necessary ult wep frags from mysterious chips. Bad news: You gotta be a billionaire. It will take... are you sitting down?...
315,300 Mysterious Chips + 6,750,000,000 coin
Or (at gold exchange rate of 125,000/1) one could purchase all the necessary coin for a mere 54,000 zen gold... hmmmm, I wonder if PWI will give a better bonus when zen is purchased by the thousand.

For those of us that don't have a spare $50G between our sofa cushions the options are a bit more narrow. Ult Wep Frags can be manufactured from mats gathered from Twilight Temple, Lunar Glade, Frostcovered City, and Valley of Reciprocity.
I dont have time to calculate all drop rates and mobs, however here is a list of the possible mats/mobs/drop rates for Warsoul: Ksitigarbha Fragment (mats calculated are required for just 1 Ult Wep Fragment - all kills are calculated in TT party mode=6 drops)

Warsoul: Ksitigarbha Fragment - mats gathered from Twilight Temple
Ancient Serpent's Orb (Vipenalt: Substancia) 6.22% success=16 mats=aprox 160 kills
Feng's Steel Armor (General Feng) 3.02% success=33 mats=aprox 330 kills
Evil Minion's Shell (Djinscream) 10%=10 mats=aprox 200 kills
Giant Beast's Shell (Dark Colluseast) 25.33%=4 mats=aprox 138 kills
Ancient Devil's Soul (Ancient Evil: Lethal Vengeance) 1.5 mats=aprox 23 kills
Empire's Back Image (Twilight Emperor: Vacuity) 1.5 mats=aprox 45 kills
Ghost Lord's Protection (Steelation: Doom) 1.5 mats=aprox 30 kills
Giant Ape's Tail (Cosmoforce: Null) 1.14%=88 mats=aprox 44 kills
Astral Stone (Astralwalker: Null) .7%=143 mats=aprox 107 kills
Giant Beast's Armor (Dark Colluseast: Null) 3.17%=32 mats=aprox 55 kills
Tsu's Ghost Mask (Twilight Minister: Vacuity) 1.06%=94 mats=aprox 189 kills

So if one were to hunt, say, General Feng. It would require aprox 33,000 runs thru TT (33,000 kills of Genera Feng) to gather the 3,300 Fengs Steel Armors to manufacture 100 Warsoul: Ksitigarbha Fragments. After this there are still the other 600 fragments to gather.
Or, put another way, if you ran TT 10 times per day, every day it would take you 3,300 days (9 years) to gather just this one mat. If the others take as long that will be a total 63 years to gather all mats. Better get cracking...

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