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  • Tips and Info
    Tips on gameplay, refining, leveling, and other various information.

  • Quest Guides
    Complete guides for you quests level 1 thru 80. Also includes series like the Goshinki chain, Token of the Seven, Twilight Temple, and much much more.

  • Manufacturing and Refining Guides
    A large collection of information for manufacturing anything from the simplest gear, to Tomes and Warsoul.

  • SylenThunders FB Guide
    Most complete guide to FB (Final Battle) instances on the net. This is still a work in progress.

  • Need More Experience?
    Don't forget your Dailys, nice source of exp and spirit. Also, Guides to other quests that take some boredom out of grinding.

  • Events and Instances
    A special section for guides on the various weekly events and other instances like FCC and Rebirth.

  • Character Build Guides
    Guides for all eight classes, tips on builds, skills, and training.

  • Performance Enhancements
    Tips and tools to get the most out of your gaming experience.




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